Bay Area locals are no stranger to miniature and alternative forms of housing. Why not combine both? If saving space, money and resources is high on your priority list, then check out this quartet of Bay Area micro homes that are all priced below $60,000 (found on Tiny House Listings).

A two-bedroom mobile loft for $58,000.

tiny house 4 tiny house 5 tiny house 6 Photos: Tiny House Listings

This 192-square-foot home with knotty pine vaulted ceilings boasts two loft-style “bedrooms,” a small bathroom and kitchen complete with under-fridge wine storage.

A 187-square-foot one-bedroom cabin in Oakland for $47,000.

tiny house 1 Photos: Tiny House Listings

Oozing rustic charm, this home has been used by its original owners as a home office and guest room. According to the listing, “No permit is required to keep it on your property. It is treated like an RV parked on your property.”

A solar-powered mobile studio for $13,500.

tiny house 2 Photos: Tiny House Listings

Plenty of TLC has been put into this modified design studio. Though more an office than a tiny house, the owner has added a skylight, contemporary bamboo desk surfaces and high quality aluminum shelving.

A 100-square-foot trailer up for auction in Berkeley — starting bid only $10,000.

tiny house 3 Photos: Tiny House Listings

This tiny house was designed and built by students as part of a year-long design and construction youth program in Berkeley called Studio H. Opening bid starts at $10,000, and all proceeds will go toward funding the next Studio H project.

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