Organize it and keep it that way.

Have a space for lost socks.

lost sock wall laundry room organization Photo: getcreativejuice

And keep a jar handy for loose change, keys and other pocket treasures.

laundry room coin jar Photo: busybeingjennifer

DIY instructions here.

Create accessible bin storage by installing a wire shelf upside down and at an angle.

laundry room wire shelving Photo: holdontoyourhatsblog

Forgo the clunky ironing board for a DIY ironing mat that you can use on top of the dryer.

laundry room ironing mat Photo: abeautifulmess

Make one yourself. How-to guide is here.

Buy or build yourself a fold-away folding table.

laundry room fold-away foldout table Photo: coathangr

And a pull-out drying rack.

pull-out drying rack laundry room Photo: houzz

Or you can make your own.

fold-out drying rack laundry Photo: centsationalgirl

Instructions here.

Or simply hang a ladder from the ceiling.

ladder laundry drying rack Photo: littlelucylu

Step-by-step guide here.

Put a shoe organizer on the back of the door to keep all your cleaning products organized.

laundry room cleaning supply organization Photo: happilyoccupiedhomebodies

Then put up a pegboard to keep your cleaning supplies in order.

pegboard laundry organization Photo: abeautifulmess

Hang a chalkboard or paint your cupboards with chalkboard paint for laundry reminders like which clothes can’t go in the dryer.

laundry room chalkboard Photo: brynalexandra

Or simply keep a dry-erase marker around so you can write notes to yourself on the washing machine.

laundry dry-erase marker Photo: emmamag

Use tags and labels to designate a pickup bin for each member of the household.

laundry room labels Photo: simplicityinthesouth

And have hampers for each type of wash.

laundry room labels 2 Photo: lowes

Hang up a laundry cheat sheet so you never ruin another article of clothing.

laundry cheat sheet Photo: Etsy

Buy the print here.

Assemble a stain-removal kit.

laundry stain kit Photo: bhg

Then wall mount a stain-fighting how-to guide for reference.

stain removal laundry room Photo: Etsy

Prints available here.

Your lint bin should be easily accessible.

laundry room organization lint bin Photo: polishedhabitat

Instructions on how to make your own here.

If you run out of drying space, an IKEA towel bar will give you more than you need.

ikea towel bar laundry room organization Photo: IKEA

A retractable clothesline hidden in a cabinet will also work — and save space.

laundry room clothesline Photo: justabouthome

Or if you don’t have cabinets, hang old crates for open shelving.

laundry room crate shelf Photo: homedepot

DIY instructions here.

Beautify your laundry room by painting those ugly vinyl or linoleum floors.

painting vinyl floors Photo: designertrapped

It’s easier than you might think.

And keep detergent and other washing potions in attractive glass jars.

laundry room jar Photo: prettyorganized

You’re laundry room is organized! Nicely done. Now move on to the garage.

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