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US homes are getting smarter.

In fact, a year from now, nearly half of all US households will boast at least one piece of smart technology, a Coldwell Banker survey suggests.

Some 45 percent of respondents to the realty franchisor’s Smart Home Marketplace Survey say they have smart home tech in their abodes, or at least intend on investing in it before 2016’s end.

And these respondents aren’t all what you’d call tech savvy, as 36 percent don’t consider themselves “early adopters of technology.”

For context, Coldwell Banker defines smart home technology “as products or tools that aid in controlling a home’s functions such as lighting, temperature, security, safety, and entertainment, either remotely by a phone, tablet, computer, or with a separate automatic system within the home.”

Of the survey’s 4,065 US respondents aged 18 and over, just 1,009 — or about a quarter — have embraced this household technology so far.

Among these smart home tech adopters, the most popular gadgets are entertainment-related, with 44 percent possessing items like smart TVs and sound systems. After entertainment comes safety, naturally — 31 percent of smart home tech owners have smart security systems hooked up.

The survey, carried out late last year by Harris Poll from October 22nd t0 the 26th, also suggests smart home tech has implications for the real estate market, as homeowners see it as playing a part in the home-selling process.

Before putting their dwelling on the market, 54 percent of homeowners say they’d buy smart tech or hook it up in their homes and think this will help them close a deal sooner.

So if you’re having trouble selling your home, maybe try installing a smart lighting system before your next showing.

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