From secret storage solutions to a wine dispenser!

A kitchen island with built-in seating.

kitchen island built-in seating Photo: Ateliers Jacob

As well as a built-in beer fridge.

kitchen-island-beer-fridge Photo: pix-hd

A sliding ladder for out-of-reach cabinets.

sliding ladder kitchen 2 sliding ladder kitchen Photos: imgur, imgur

A cutting board drawer with a convenient waste chute over a slide-out compost bin.

ingenious-home-designs Photo: thefarmchicks

Or an all-in-one rotating sink, strainer and cutting board.

all-in-one kitchen sink cutting board strainer Photos: imgur, imgur

Think of all the space you’ll save! Order one here.

A built-in dish-drying rack and knife block.

dish drying rack kitchen Photo: kitchenbathartisans

Baseboards that are really base drawers.

baseboard-drawers Photos: Pinterest

A DIY project. Learn how it’s done here.

A wine dispenser.

kitchen wine dispenser Photos: Napa Technology

And a trap door wine cellar.

trapdoor-wine-cellar Photo: signaturecellars

A sunken concrete cooking area.

concrete kitchen Photo: imgur

A dining nook with hidden storage.

dining-nook-storage Photo: Pinterest

A window for a kitchen backsplash.

kitchen backsplash window Photo: imgur

An oven that hides inside the counter.

Lift-oven1 Photos:

Foot-activated drawers for when your hands are full.

foot-activated kitchen drawer Photo: kitchenbathartisans

A retractable wall to let the outdoors in.

kitchen wall Photo: imgur

Slide-out cupboards to help you save space.

slide-out drawer kitchen pantry Photos: kitchenbathartisansclassy clutter

A living wall to grow fresh herbs.

kitchen green wall Photo: Amazon

And a green table for grazing.

green table kitchen Photo: Haiko Cornelissen Architecten

If you don’t have a dishwasher, a dish storage shelf that doubles as a drying rack.

dish drying rack shelf kitchen Photos: Pinterest

Compartmentalized drawers.

compartmentalized kitchen drawers Photo: Pinterest

And finally, chalkboard surfaces for grocery lists, recipes and love notes.

kitchen chalkboard surfaces Photos: qvisits

You can DIY your own chalkboard wall. How-to guide is here.

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