Earthship Photo/video: The Adaptors

Outside of Taos, New Mexico is a community of people living in off-the-grid homes made out of recycled and discarded materials — everything from beer bottles to car tires. The homes are called Earthships and were invented by Michael Reynolds in the 1970s.

Filmmakers Flora Lichtman and Katherine Wells recently traveled to Taos learn more about the solar- and wind-powered domiciles that Reynolds says he made for a world that’s quickly succumbing to climate change.

“People look at [the Earthship community] and call it a Mad Max compound, and a bunch of dirty hippies that don’t know how to clean up the land… They call it trashy. But, you know, I’m not going to argue with them. Like I’m not going to argue with the people dancing on the top level of the Titanic before the iceberg crash. If people don’t see disasters in their horizon, you can’t convince them of that, they’re going to have to see it on their own. And I’m just making life rafts right and left.”

— Michael Reynolds in Meet the Earthship.

It’s a delightful seven-minute documentary. Check it out.

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