Overcast, gray skies make January a particularly drab month. Why not cheer up your space with a few pops of bright color? In our latest DIY video, we’ll show you how to make these marble dipped coasters with only two ingredients — warm water and nail polish. It’s a foolproof craft for a snowy day or when you’ve run out of TV shows to binge watch on Netflix.

Video and photography: James Bombales

Producer and editor: Kelsey Pudloski


  • ceramic coasters
  • nail polish
  • warm water
  • container


  1. Fill an old or disposable container with warm water. The nail polish may leave residue on it, so make sure you’re ok with a little damage.
  2. Pour nail polish onto the surface of the water, swirling as you go to create the design of your choosing. Bright polishes work best — we bought ours at the dollar store for $2 each. You can also use a toothpick to blend the colors together.
  3. Very quickly, dunk the coaster into the solution. If you leave it in too long, the nail polish will begin to clump.
  4. Set the coaster onto a sheet of newspaper or a disposable plate. Wait two hours for it to dry completely.
  5. For best results, change the water every time you marble dip a new coaster.


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