From a loft closet to a bedside bathtub.

Vintage carriage doors that open to the master ensuite.

bedroom carriage doors Photo: imgur

You can buy a carriage door hardware kit for less than $100.

Or sliding garage doors.

bedroom sliding doors Photo: imgur

Or forget the ensuite and install a shower right beside the bed.

shower bedroom Photo: imgur

Or bathtub.

bedroom with bathtub Photo: imgur

A bookshelf that frames the windows.

bedroom bookshelf windows Photo: imgur

And an aquarium that frames the bed.

bed frame aquarium bedroom design Photo: imgur

Literally sleep with the fishes.

A loft closet.

loft-bedroom-closet Photo: imgur

Or a two-story closet.

two-story bedroom closet Photo: Pinterest

Or a closet designed to look like an old leather suitcase.

suitcase closet bedroom Photo: imgur

A bed posts made of trees.

tree-post-bed Photo: imgur

Let the outdoors in.

Hidden storage.

bed storage Photo: Pinterest

A whimsical wall mural.

bedroom wall mural Photo: andallshallbewell

A suspended sleeping nook.

suspended bed bedroom Photo: imgur

Or a suspended loft bed with a staircase that leads to a skylight that leads to a rooftop garden.

loft bed bedroom 1 loft bed bedroom 2 Photos: jjlocations

A climbing wall.

bedroom climbing wall Photos: Linc Thelen Design

Spinning porthole windows.

porthole bedroom window Photo: Craig Steely Architecture

Or a retractable window wall.

bedroom retractable windows Photo: imgur

And a skylight that takes up the entire ceiling.

bedroom skylight Photo: imgur

A bedside fireplace.

bedroom with fireplace Photo: imgur

And a master ensuite bathroom with a second fireplace.

master bedroom ensuite fireplace Photo: imgur

Hammock floors.

hammock floors bedroom Photo: IF

Or a hammock bed.

bedroom hammock bed Photo: Deepnot

A secret room behind a bookshelf.

bedroom secret room Photo: stashvault

A loft workspace above the bed.

loft workspace bedroom Photo: imgur

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