As the weather gets colder in Seattle, you may find yourself in the market for a new fireplace. Whether you found love in a hopeless place or that darn racoon crawled into the flue again, nothing says “fireside chat” like a cozy, new fireplace. No need to search far and wide for a good designer. The Pacific Northwest has an abundance of talented, creative people eager to make your fireplace dreams a reality. Check out these heartwarming hearths from local designers. Let the fireside chats begin — Franklin D. Roosevelt style.

Review the achievements of the seventy-third congress beside this majestic creation.

seattle fireplaces Photo: Gelotte Hommas Architecture

Outline the New Deal program by this stone masterpiece.

seattle fireplaces 2 Photo: JAS Design Build

Announce an unlimited national emergency while admiring this beautiful work of art.

seattle fireplaces 3 Photo: Kappler Home Plans

Report on the progress of the war and plan for peace next to this gorgeous classic.

seattle fireplaces 4 Photo: Stimson Green Mansion

Rally to maintain freedom of the seas beside this special slab.

seattle fireplaces 5 Prentiss Architects. Photo: Jay Goodrich

Discuss the fall of Rome while sipping brandy next to this antique jewel.

seattle fireplaces 6 Photo: DK Martin Construction

Contemplate the coal crisis while toasting your toes by this spectacular natural beauty.

seattle fireplaces 7 Photo: Heliotrope Architects

Reassure the American public while enjoying the heated outdoors.

seattle fireplaces 8 Photo: Dan Nelson, Designs Northwest Architects

Fun fact: The real FDR and wife Eleanor had a house in Seattle’s Lawtonwood neighborhood and often visited their daughter Anna, who shared a home on Mercer Island with her family.

6 Franklin D. Roosevelt in car, Seattle 1932. Photo: MOHAI

My friends, stay warm this winter.

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