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Only five percent of the world’s population lives in the blue shaded regions.

world population map Photo: imgur

For comparison, another five percent lives in the red shaded region and the remaining 90 percent of the world’s population lives in the white shaded regions.

Most popular word used in online dating profiles for each state.

most popular dating profile word map Photo: imgur

If you’re on a beach in one of the Americas, this is what’s directly across the ocean from you.

beach ocean map Photo: imgur

If Frodo had Google Maps, ‘there and back again’ wouldn’t have been such an arduous journey.

Lord of the Rings Google Maps Photo: imgur

What each state Googled more than any other state in 2015.

what each state googled 2015 Photo: Estately

Why are Washington state residents so infatuated with Leonard Nimoy? Find out.

Air traffic control zones, or America’s “sky countries.”

air traffic control zones Photo: imgur

It is possible to sail in a straight line from Eastern Canada to Western Canada and back? Yes (click image to play GIF).


GIF: imgur

Map of North American and European cities transposed onto the opposite continent at the same latitude.

North America in Europe Photo: imgur

The average age around the world.

world median age map Photo: globalpost

Half of Canada lives south of the red line.

canada population map Photo: imgur

A 365-day North American road trip for those in search of 70-degree (21 Celsius) weather every day.

70 degree weather map Photo: imgur

Time zone borders across the globe

time zone border map Photo: imgur

If you’re having difficulty making sense of the above, one enterprising Reddit user overlayed the map onto another with political borders.

The evolution of America, ca. 1789 – today.

evolution of america GIF: imgur

Where you would end up on the other side of the earth if you dug straight down (no overlap = ocean).

dig map Photo: imgur

Earth’s changing seasons.

earth changing seasons GIF: imgur

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