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Boho-ho! For our second home decor holiday gift guide, we’ve gone a bit granola. These 10 items are perfect for that friend on your list for whom Coachella never ends — they’re big on color, loud prints and natural elements.

1. Amethyst cluster candle holder from SoulMakes, $60.00

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The Greeks believed amethyst could ward off drunkenness, and sipped from goblets made of the purple gemstone. While this candle holder won’t help you hold it together during the office Christmas party, it will give your home an ethereal glow.

2. Mini geo terrarium from Urban Outfitters, $18

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This faceted glass terrarium with brass accents can be used to hold succulents, twinkle lights (see #9) or jewelry. Stevie Nicks would definitely approve.

3. Star sign trinket dish from Anthropologie, $14

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“What’s your sign?” is a horrible pickup line, but it is a necessary question to ask your friend or colleague when purchasing them this celestial trinket dish from Anthropologie.

4. Have a Gneiss Day coaster set from Modcloth, $44.99

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Agate coasters are everywhere these days, but a set of the slivered stones doesn’t come cheap. Modcloth offers four crystalline coasters for just under $50, a price that’s considerably cheaper than other online bohemian retailers.

5. Good vibes only eye print from Lulu & Georgia, $40

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Invite good karma into your life with this graphic print from Lulu & Georgia. The all-seeing eye would be a perfect addition to any gallery wall.

6. Decorative pillow from Target, $39.99

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Give the gift of tropical flair with this pineapple throw pillow. It’s embroidered with brightly colored thread in green, orange, magenta, aqua and yellow, which gives it a textured look and feel.

7. At the Bazaar stool from Dot & Bo, $149

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Bohemians have wholeheartedly embraced this year’s Moroccan-inspired decor trend. The natural wood base of this stool lends a warm and earthy vibe, while the twisted seagrass seat gives it an artful appearance.

8. Set of four spoons from Bomisch, $42

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Handcrafted gifts are truly one-of-a-kind, but they can be expensive. This set of four serving spoons is made of Indian rosewood and tipped with muted brass. Plus, they’re only $42, so you can afford to buy some for your own kitchen.

9. Twinkle lights from CB2, $24.95

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If you’ve seen our DIY winter terrarium video, you know how obsessed we are with twinkle lights. This strand of 60 LED lights plugs right into the wall, so you don’t have to worry about scouring the house for AA batteries.


10. Happy Habitat Adana throw from Candelabra, $160

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Who couldn’t use another throw blanket? It is winter, afterall. This fuchsia and gold throw from Candelabra is made of 80 percent recycled cotton and 20 percent acrylic, so it’ll be extra cozy to cuddle up with.

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