Complacent is one word that should never be used to describe your attitude towards your home’s decor. If you identify with one or more of the signs below, you may need to reevaluate your space:

1. Your home is deteriorating physically

Chipped paint Photo: Keenan Browe/Flickr

We’ve all been there: paint begins to peel off by the baseboards, upholstery becomes faded and worn and pillows lose their bounce. Shelley Kirsch, founder of Toronto-based design firm Shelley Kirsch Interior Design and Decoration, said that physical decay is one of the most obvious signs of a much-needed overhaul.

“There’s always the physical signs of deterioration like when the paint colors aren’t translating as vibrantly or as true as they were previously. You start noticing that there are a lot of imperfections in your baseboards and your casings. You notice that there is fraying on textiles and upholstery. You start feeling that your seating is not holding you as well as it used to because the springs are starting to deteriorate or the wood framing has started to dry out or is not providing as much strength in the structure anymore,” she said.

2. Random objects have taken over your space

Random Photo: Janet McKnight/Flickr

No one ever plans to bring clutter into their home, but all too often, we fall victim to our own stuff. Kirsch said that it’s easy for objects to accumulate over time, and a large buildup is a good (well, bad) sign that a space needs attention. Sometimes all it takes is a purge session to give your home a fresh, new look.

3. The color scheme just isn’t doing it for you anymore

Pink Photo: Daniel Oines/Flickr

Color is one of the most important elements of design, and if your color scheme isn’t working for you anymore, it could be time to redecorate.

“You might be desiring more or less color after a certain number of years. That can always make an enormous difference in terms of how you perceive your space,” Kirsch said. 

4. Your lifestyle has changed drastically since you last redecorated

Baby Photo: John Hope/Flickr

Different ages, schedules and lifestyles call for different decor styles. Kirsch said big life changes like welcoming a new baby or becoming an empty-nester can be good opportunities to change up your space.

“You can look at your space and think about how your living situation has changed. Are you no longer worried about small kids running around with chocolate on their hands, or has it become sort of an adult space? And you know after 20 years, which is the span for most people if they’ve had kids for them to be out of the house, you might decide the change should be a little more sophisticated,” she said.

5. It’s been over 10 years since your last revamp

Living Room Photo: Brad Perkins/Flickr

Even without major lifestyle changes, there should still be a limit to the number of years that go by before you upgrade your home decor. Kirsch said that putting a cap on this time period is especially important for those who had trends like colored toilets in mind when they first designed their space.

“I’d say homeowners should redecorate every 10 to 15 years. Fifteen if you had very good advice or if you have great taste. I can walk into someone’s home and pin-point when something was done based on things that were trending at the time. It becomes a time warp,” she said.

6. Your budget has changed

Money Photo: Tax Credits/Flickr

Just as big life changes should dictate when you choose to redecorate, a change in income or budget should help to set a new design scheme in motion. Ines Mazzotta, founder of Toronto-based firm Kelly Hopter Interiors, said that a significant change in budget should influence the decor choices you make in your space.

“This goes beyond life stages. When you’re in college, obviously budget is a concern. We’ve all done IKEA and there’s nothing wrong with it. But I think there comes a time in your life when you’re a professional and you have a certain disposable income. There’s something to be said for investing in quality,” Mazzotta explained.

7. Your guests notice things that you’ve you’ve started to ignore

Guests Photo: Julieet the french girl/Flickr

The things closest to us are often the things we can’t see, and home decor is no exception to this rule. Mazzotta said your guests can help you decide when it’s time to give your home some TLC.

“We tend to develop a blindness to things like cracks in the wall or worn paint. Give yourself permission to invest in upgrading those things,” she said.

8. You feel an itch

Computer Photo: Alessandro Valli/Flickr

Sometimes, listening to your intuition is the best way to know when it’s time to give your space a makeover. Mazzotta said that if you feel it’s time to redecorate, you’re probably right.

“If you feel that itch to change things up, it’s a sign. Trust your gut. Don’t change things just because you feel you have to keep up with the Joneses, it’s about what you want,” she said.

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