Map Tech Image: bills itself as NYC’s hub for tech and startups, and its powerful mapping tool gives it a strong case to own that title. The online network is the result of a unique public/private partnership between the office of the Mayor, the New York City Economic Development Corporation, IBM, Gust and many other NYC-based technology and media companies.

Users of can view details on NYC’s 6,829 startup companies, 187 known investors, 8,231 open jobs and 378 related events through an interactive, color-coded map of the city. The map is updated in real time, thanks to RSS integration and editorial oversight. Each map item has its own info page, making it easy for users to connect or find out more about events or companies.

At a glance, it’s easy to see that startups are concentrated in midtown and downtown Manhattan, but Brooklyn and Queens also have some hot spots. For Brooklyn in particular, there’s more activity closer to Manhattan, especially close to public transit.

The almost 7,000 startups on the map  include design studios, securities companies, an energy-efficient lighting company and even a prescription company devoted to “improving concentration, focus and mental energy” for exams.  

Events run the gamut from seminars on raising capital to design symposiums and tech talkbacks. Coming up Tuesday is “Relay 2015: Go Fast. Go Far. Go Together,” where leading players at IBM will discuss innovation surrounding cloud technology.

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