Lofty design goals.

This loft library and reading nook.

loft library Photo:

Part of a $22-million penthouse that occupies the top two stories of the Dietz Lantern Building in Tribeca, New York.

This loft solarium in a converted warehouse apartment.

warehouse loft Photo: Andrew Franz Architect

This loft lounge and office with 20-foot windows.

office loft Photo: imgur

This 435-square-foot micro-loft with a garage door window wall.

micro loft cottage micro loft cottage 2 Photos: Broadhurst Architects

It has a retractable window wall!

This bedroom with a loft closet.

loft bedroom closet Photo: imgur

And this closet with a loft.

closet with a loft Photo: Pinterest

This fancy loft studio space for the definitely-not-starving artist.

artist loft Photo: imgur

This dreamy tree house loft.

tree house loft Photo: imgur

This bachelor pad loft.

Bachelor pad loft Photo: imgur

This multi-purpose loft space with a bed and a bathtub.

loft bedroom Photo: imgur

This penthouse loft with a retractable window wall and bridge balcony.

penthouse loft 1 penthouse loft 2 penthouse loft Photos: imgur

This solid concrete loft common room.

concrete loft home Photo: Terra E Tuma

From Brazilian architecture firm Terra E Tuma. More info and images here.

This bedroom/bathroom loft in a converted church.

church loft conversion 3 church loft conversion church loft conversion 2 Photos: lksvdd

And this loft apartment in an old radio engineering factory.

loft apartment loft conversion Photo: Inblun

Located in Vilnius, Lithuanian. Designed by Inblun.

This in-home office with a suspended loft bed.

loft-bedroom-1-1024x682 loft-bedroom-2-682x1024 Photos: jjlocations

This loft room with a hammock floor.

hammock floor loft bedroom Photo: IF

This adorably tiny loft apartment.

loft tiny bedroom Photo: frenchyfancy

This great room with a pretty great loft bridge.

great room loft Photo: imgur

This cozy loft cabin.

cozy loft cabin Photo: imgur

This circular loft bookshelf.

loft library 2 Photo: Travis Price Architects

And this living room loft protected by a rope banister.

loft rope railing

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