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Mirrors are an easy way to make a small space feel larger. These reflective surfaces can maximize the effect of natural light, add intrigue to bare walls or alter a view. Accent mirrors are typically smaller and more affordable than traditional mirrors, which makes them ideal for decorating a condo or apartment. Check out five of our favorites.

1. HÖNEFOSS mirror from IKEA, $29.99

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Did we select these metallic, adhesive mirror tiles for their honeycomb shape? Of course! The HÖNEFOSS mirror comes in ten pieces (there are five of each color) and can be arranged in any way you please.

2. Dima mirror from Umbra, $40

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This set of three diamond shaped mirrors was inspired by an argyle pattern. Suspended by knobs and chains, the mirror has a modern, matte black finish. Think of it as a lustrous piece of wall art.

3. Reflected Affection mirror from Modcloth, $17.99

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This versatile mirror can be hung on the wall or placed upon a mantle, vanity or desk. The birds, admiring their reflections, give it just the right amount of whimsy. The mirror, which has a brown, vintage-style finish boasts a textured border and a back kickstand.

4. Locust Geo Wire mirror from Urban Outfitters, $59

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The geometric frame of this mirror reminds us of himmeli, the traditional Finnish holiday decorations made of straw. Available in a copper or gold finish, the mirror would be a unique addition to an entryway, living room or dining area.

5. You Look Mahvelous scallop mirror from The Land of Nod, $49

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We cannot stress this enough — there are stylish, sophisticated treasures to found on kids’ furniture and decor sites. Vintage frameless mirrors with beveled edges are very on-trend, and The Land of Nod offers them in four different shapes. Plus, it sells for a fraction of the cost of the mirrors from “grown up” retailers.

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