Troll seattle Photo: Roshan Vyas/Flickr

Seattle’s Fremont Troll will soon have a competing attraction. A new park adjacent to the Fremont Troll is set for completion December 2015. The “Troll Knoll” as the park has been affectionately named, will provide a green space for tourists and locals alike.

The new park received a grant from Parks and Green Spaces Levy Opportunity Fund submitted by the Friends of Troll’s Knoll, in an effort to transform under-utilized public land into community park and p-patch garden.

Troll Knoll park Rendering: Harrison Design

The park’s design was completed by Seattle Parks and Recreation Design Consultant, Harrison Designs. The park will connect residential areas with Fremont’s business district.

Troll Knoll park 2 Rendering: Harrison Design

The park will have many sustainable features including wind turbines generating power for path lights, recyclable materials, tree retention, a pedestrian connection between east and west Fremont, solar panels, and native plants.

Troll Knoll park 3 Rendering: Harrison Design

The Fremonsters living in the the hip, Troll Eye apartments across the street will have something new to celebrate in addition to their cool digs.

Troll Knoll park 4 Photo: Troll Eye Apartments

The Friend’s of the Troll’s Knoll neighborhood organization has set-up a Facebook page to chronicle the construction of the park and amp up support from the community. According to Harrison Design, construction cost is projected at $375,000.

Troll Knoll park 5 Photo: Friend’s of the Troll’s Knoll

Go see the action for yourself at 3405 Troll Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103, right under the Aurora bridge.

Troll Knoll park 6 Troll Avenue. Photo: Tama Leaver/Flickr

Also — if you happen to talk to the troll, could you ask him why he hasn’t answered any of my texts? I thought we had something special.

Troll Knoll park 7 Photo: Sydney Parker and Family

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