Troll seattlePhoto: Roshan Vyas/Flickr

Seattle’s Fremont Troll will soon have a competing attraction. A new park adjacent to the Fremont Troll is set for completion December 2015. The “Troll Knoll” as the park has been affectionately named, will provide a green space for tourists and locals alike.

The new park received a grant from Parks and Green Spaces Levy Opportunity Fund submitted by the Friends of Troll’s Knoll, in an effort to transform under-utilized public land into community park and p-patch garden.

Troll Knoll parkRendering: Harrison Design

The park’s design was completed by Seattle Parks and Recreation Design Consultant, Harrison Designs. The park will connect residential areas with Fremont’s business district.

Troll Knoll park 2Rendering: Harrison Design

The park will have many sustainable features including wind turbines generating power for path lights, recyclable materials, tree retention, a pedestrian connection between east and west Fremont, solar panels, and native plants.

Troll Knoll park 3Rendering: Harrison Design

The Fremonsters living in the the hip, Troll Eye apartments across the street will have something new to celebrate in addition to their cool digs.

Troll Knoll park 4Photo: Troll Eye Apartments

The Friend’s of the Troll’s Knoll neighborhood organization has set-up a Facebook page to chronicle the construction of the park and amp up support from the community. According to Harrison Design, construction cost is projected at $375,000.

Troll Knoll park 5Photo: Friend’s of the Troll’s Knoll

Go see the action for yourself at 3405 Troll Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103, right under the Aurora bridge.

Troll Knoll park 6Troll Avenue. Photo: Tama Leaver/Flickr

Also — if you happen to talk to the troll, could you ask him why he hasn’t answered any of my texts? I thought we had something special.

Troll Knoll park 7Photo: Sydney Parker and Family

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