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Like all residences at The Jervis, Home 1602, featuring floorplan 02, is a corner suite offering panoramic views of downtown Vancouver from the 16th floor of the 19-storey tower.

Boasting 1,265 square feet of indoor living space, the two-bedroom, two-bathroom home is highlighted by over-height ceilings, and windows that are positioned to maximize natural light and air circulation.

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The luxurious bathrooms feature subtle design touches: from floor-to-ceiling hand-selected marble tiles to recessed mirrors with integrated halo lighting.

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The minimalist and linear kitchen integrates high-end Italian cabinetry, self-healing surface finishes, specialty exhaust systems and the most advanced cooking technology available.

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“The homes at The Jervis are extremely well thought through, impeccably designed, tasteful, and not ornate,” says interior designer Scott Trepp of Trepp Design Inc. “Minimalism in design is often much more difficult to achieve than ornateness, because when you’re working with a handful of elements and ideas, they all have to work perfectly in a synergy, rather than being distracted by ornamentation.”

Home 1602 also boasts a 185-square-foot outdoor covered terrace, giving residents the perfect vantage point to enjoy the home’s stunning views and beautiful West End surroundings year-round.

The Jervis balcony

A corner suite on Vancouver’s downtown peninsula that’s close to the beach and has incredible views… What’s not to love?

The Jervis home 02 floorplan

Size: 1,450 square feet (1,265 square feet of indoor space and a 185-square-foot balcony)
Price: $1,725,000
Location: Vancouver, BC
Development: The Jervis
Developer: Intracorp
Highlight: Each floor of the 19-storey building is comprised of only four homes, meaning each home is a corner suite.

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