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The NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission released a massive 267 gigabyte historical dataset on 1.1 billion individual taxi trips from January 2009 through June 2015.

Software developer and data whiz Todd W. Schneider crunched the data and made some interesting discoveries about New Yorkers’ use of for-hire vehicles. He calls his analysis “A Story of Life in NYC.” Besides covering rush hour traffic patterns, the influence of Uber on habits, and commute times, he cheekily wonders, “Could Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson have made it from 72nd and Broadway to Wall Street in less than 30 minutes?”

Here are some of his takeaways.

Manhattan loves for-hire vehicles
taxi_pickups_map_hires-compressed NYC Taxi Pickups 2009 – 2015 Image: Todd W. Schneider

taxi_dropoffs_map_hires-compressed NYC Taxi Dropoffs 2009 – 2015 Image: Todd W. Schneider

Schneider’s maps highlight midtown and Lower Manhattan as the overwhelming hotspots for for-hire vehicle activity, with (as expected) concentrations near JFK and La Guardia. The map also shows green taxi usage in green.

Green Taxis have had explosive growth
taxi_pickups_brooklyn Graph: Todd W. Schneider

Since green taxis were introduced in 2013, their use has risen exponentially. In June 2015, green taxis accounted for 70 percent of Brooklyn’s 850,000 monthly taxi pickups.

In Brooklyn, Uber is already outpacing yellow cabs
uber_vs_taxi_pickups_brooklyn Graph: Todd W. Schneider

Between June 2014 and June 2015, the number of Uber pickups in Brooklyn grew by 525%. Uber is responsible for more than twice as many pickups in Brooklyn compared to yellow taxis, and Schneider predicts it will soon outpace green taxis, too. In Manhattan, Uber only accounts for 15 percent of pickups.

It takes forever to get to JFK

The median taxi trip from Midtown to JFK Airport between 4 and 5pm takes one hour and four minutes. Ten percent of trips during that time take over one hour and 24 minutes. Riders have the shortest trip between 10 and 11am, with the median trip being just 38 minutes.

Schneider created a handy tool for users to predict their travel time to the airport by simply entering their neighborhood.

Cash is on the way out
cash_vs_credit Graph: Todd W. Schneider

In January 2009, just over 20 percent of taxi fares were paid using a credit card. But in June of this year, over 60 percent of fares use a credit card.

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