Yes to a bathtub with a view and a fireplace next to the toilet.

This tranquil bathroom made of stone, glass and wood.

wood stone bathroom Photo: imgur

With a suspended high-definition television, obvs.

This bathroom with dual glass showers that gaze upon a fireplace.

dual shower fireplace bathroo Photo: imgur

And this bathroom with a fireplace inside it.

fireplace bathroom Photo: imgur

Here too.

fireplace bathroom 2 Photo: imgur

This steampunk bathroom.

steampunk bathroom Photo: imgur

This rustic wood beam bathroom.

wood beam bathroom Photo: imgur

This bathroom that’s also a bedroom.

bedroom bathroom Photo: imgur

And here.

wooden bedroom bathroom Photo: imgur

This minimalist bathroom with a view.

minimalist bathroom Photo: imgur

Because less is more.

This stone bathroom.

stone bathroom Photo: imgur

Part of the Corte San Pietro Hotel in Matera, Italy. More pics and info right here.

This bathroom with scale tiling.

scale shower tile bathroom Photo: imgur

Or this one with heat-sensitive shower tiles.

heat-sensitive shower bathroom Photo: imgur

This ocean-side bathroom with a glass-bottom bathtub.

glass-bottom bathtub bathroom Photo: imgur

This New York City penthouse bathroom.

new york city penthouse bathroom Photo: imgur

And this one too.

new york city penthouse bathroom 2 Photo: imgur

Part of NYC’s Ty Warner Penthouse. Available for rent for only $35,000 a night.

Or this one in downtown Dallas.

dallas penthouse bathroom Photo: Mobili Martini

Part of Uptown Penthouse 2 by Mobili Martini. More pics and info this way.

This rustic cabin bathroom.

rustic cabin bathroom Photo: imgur

This bathroom with a shower exposed to the outdoors.

outdoor bathroom shower Photo: imgur

And this bathroom that is outdoors.

outdoor bathroom Photo: Pinterest

Or this one that thinks it is.

rocky bathroom Photo: imgur

This bathroom with a giant geode wall.

geode bathroom Photo: Pinterest

This gorgeous bathroom with an ocean view in Cape Town, South Africa.

bathroom with a view Photo: Gavin Maddock Design

Part of the Pearl Bay Residence by Gavin Maddock Design.

And this one in Nantucket.

master bathroom 2 Photo: imgur

Or this one in a 5,600-square-foot, two-story Miami penthouse.

ocean bathroom Photo: imgur

See more of  the Jade Ocean Penthouse over here.

This master bathroom that’s bigger than your entire apartment.

master bathroom Photo: imgur

One of the many luxurious rooms you’ll find in Dubai’s Al Barari Luxury Villas.

And finally, this dreamy bohemian bathroom.

dreamy bathroom Photo: imgur


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