Because the best restroom is an orderly one.

A piece of wood, pipe straps and mason jars is all you need to free up counter space around the sink.

bathroom organization 5 Photo: beautyandbedlam

How-to here.

Conversely, you can create new counter space with an over-the-sink shelf.

over the sink bathroom shelf Photo: de-lune

A magnetic strip will keep tweezers, nail clippers and bobby pins organized and out of drawers.

bathroom organization Photo: darkroomanddearly

If you need additional shelf space, spice racks will do.

bathroom organization 7 Photo: ApartmentTherapy

You could also re-purpose an old CD tower.

CD-tower-bathroom-storage Photo: Pinterest

Not enough room to hang all your towels? Don’t forget about the back of the door.

towel rod door Photo: neogren

Or make the switch to coat hooks.

bathroom coat hooks Photo: hanlonstudios

OR! Roll your towels and store them on a wine rack.

wine rack towel holder Photo: indulgy

A second shower curtain rod means double the shampoo and loofah sponge storage.

shower curtain storage Photo: imgur

Get a shower curtain with pockets.

shower curtain pockets Photo: Amazon

Yes, these exist. You can buy them here.

If you must keep a hamper in the bathroom, make something low-profile and hang it on the door.

hanging hamper Photo: organizedmom

This DIY hamper made out of fabric will cost you only $3.

Buy a slide-out shelf for your vanity.

pull-out shelf Photo: rev-a-shelf

Order one here.

Install an in-wall cabinet to hide your toilet tools.

in-wall bathroom cabinet Photo: Amazon

Buy it here.

A magazine rack fastened to the back of a cabinet door is the perfect place to store your hair-damaging devices.

bathroom organization 2 Photo: thesuels

In fact, all cabinet doors should have some sort of shelf/storage attached to them.

cabinet door bathroom storage Photo: thecraftiestcouple

A shower caddy is a brilliant way to organize the space under your sink.

shower caddy bathroom sink Photo: thecraftiestcouple

You could also use a tension rod to keep your cleaning supplies in order.

bathroom cleaning supplies Photo: wonderhowto

Buy a toilet paper holder that doubles as a shelf and magazine rack.

bathroom organization 4 Photo: Amazon

Use cutlery trays to organize bathroom drawers.

bathroom organization 1 Photo: atgstores

Hang wicker or wire baskets to store hand towels, magazines and toilet paper.

basket storage Photos: Our Fifth House, abeautifulmess

How-to here.

And finally, put a shelf over the doorway for more out-of-the-way storage.

bathroom organization 3 Photo: Pinterest

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