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The Transbay project, situated on a roughly 40-acre site south of the Financial District, will dramatically transform San Francisco’s downtown core by adding multiple developments including the future tallest building in the city, the Salesforce Tower. This multi-project development will transform the blighted area where the Embarcadero freeway once existed into a sustainable regional transportation hub surrounded.

The Transbay Transit Center

The Transbay Transit Center is a $4.5 billion project that replaces the old transit center on First and Mission, and the existing Temporary Terminal. Under the Transbay Joint Powers Authority jurisdiction, the new Transbay Transit Center will be a LEED certified five-story transit station, with two subterranean levels for the concourse and platform, as well as a 5.5-acre rooftop park.

Currently, this is one of the largest approved transit projects under construction in the Western United States, connecting eight Bay Area counties through 11 transit systems including the future high speed rail line from southern California. It will accommodate up to 45 million people annually.

The first phase of the Transbay Transit Center project broke ground in December 2008. It is expected to be completed in 2017. The second phase will include an extension from King Street for CalTrains and the future high speed rail from southern California.

The surrounding neighborhood around the Transbay Transit Center will add several new commercial and residential uses.

transbay developlment 1 Rendering: The Office of Investment and Infrastructure

The Transit Center District Plan managed by the City of San Francisco Planning Department is located in Zone 2. Zone 1 is managed by the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (OCII). Highlights for both plans include:

  • 4,400 new residential units, of which 1,200 will be permanently affordable
  • 1,000 hotel rooms
  • 6 million square feet of office space
  • 100,000 square feet of retail space, primarily in the Transbay Center
  • Feature pedestrian and bike friendly streetscape and amenities
  • 11 acres of park land (including the 5.5 rooftop park)

Sarah Price from OCII tells Buzzbuzzhome News that within Zone 1 “Current projections are for 3,400 new residential units of which 35 percent will be affordable.” Price explains that “Most of the projects in Zone 1 should be complete within the next five to seven years.”

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