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San Franciscans love their restaurants. In fact, after rent, dining out takes up the largest portion of their spending budget. According to a recent report from DataLensDC, San Francisco residents forks out an average of $3,937 annually in eateries. That’s the second most of all major cities studied. Only Dallas residents were found to spend more money on dining out.

San Francisco dining out Infographic: DataLens 

Bon Appétit recently named San Francisco the “Best Food City” in the nation. According to Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) recent study, 78 percent of Greater Bay Area adults surveyed ranked access to healthy food as a priority. Of course not all restaurants are healthy, but San Francisco offers an array of restaurants featuring prominent chefs, promoting farm to table concepts, fresh and organic, gluten free, and GMO-free ingredients.

Food Network’s Guy Fieri, host of “Diners, Drive-thrus and Dives,” has featured San Francisco 19 times, the fourth most of all major metropolitan cities in the US, trailing only Chicago, New York and Minneapolis.

Limited land availability in a highly dense city like San Francisco gives Fieri and his convertible Camaro very few drive-thru options to roll into. Which makes sense given that San Francisco residents spend $1,203 annually on public transit and come in second to last out of all cities for car costs. The ULI report highlighted that 50 percent of Greater Bay Area adults say public transit is a top priority.

In comparison to other urban centers, San Francisco ranked last when it came to nicotine addiction, spending only $187 a year on cigarettes. San Francisco fell somewhere in the middle with books, looks and alcohol. Residents shelled out less money for books, $161 per year, than they do for tobacco.

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