Because the room in which you sleep should literally be the stuff of dreams.

This bamboo bunkhouse in Bali.

bamboo bedroom Photo: imgur

Rent it on Airbnb.

This aquatic bedroom with a glass-bottom floor.

glass floor bedroom Photo: imgur

Or this one that’s completely underwater.

underwater bedroom Photo: imgur

For a considerable price, the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant at the Conrad Maldives Rangali can be rented out as a private hotel suite.

And this one that floats.

floating bedroom Photo: Dymitr Malcew

Singapore-based architect Dymitr Malcew is responsible for this buoyant abode.

This whimsical tree house bedroom in the mountains.

bedroom tree house Photo: imgur

Book a stay here.

And this one in Kent, England.

luxury tree house bedroom Photo: Kent Cottage Holiday

This suspended loft bedroom that leads to a rooftop garden.

loft bedroom 1 loft bedroom 2 Photos: jjlocations

This San Francisco bedroom with round, rotating windows.

cool bedroom windows Photo: Craig Steely Architecture

More info and images here.

And this bedroom that’s all windows.

glass igloo room Photo: Golden Crown

Here too.

glass bedroom 1 Photo: imgur

And here.

glass bedroom Photo: imgur

Garden Shed is a solar-powered stand-alone bedroom by Finnish design firm Avanto Architects.

This tented bedroom beneath a large thatched canopy in Southern Kenya.

tent bedroom Photo: imgur

This outdoor bedroom with a suspended sleeping nook.

outdoor bedroom Photo: Pinterest

This rustic room with bed posts made of trees.

bed post trees Photo: imgur

This ocean-side bedroom with a retractable window wall.

window bedroom Photo: imgur

This intimate loft bedroom in the Italian Alps.

attic bedroom Photo: imgur

Or this one with a sunken bathtub.

loth bedroom with bathtub Photo: imgur

This impossibly cozy attic bedroom.

attic bedroom Photo: imgur

This bedroom with hammock flooring.

hammock floor bedroom Photo: IF

This medieval bedroom that’s fit for a king or queen.

medieval bedroom Photo: imgur

This pool-side bedroom.

bedroom pool Photo: imgur

This bedroom that lets the outdoors in.

luxury tent bedroom Photo: Pinterest

And this one that is in fact outdoors.

outdoor bedroom 2 Photo: Aka

This gorgeous minimalist bedroom with a gorgeous ocean view.

minimal ocean-side bedroom Photo: imgur

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