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At first glance, old and abandoned buildings seem like nothing more than dilapidated examples of urban decay. But there’s something strangely beautiful about these relics from the past. Perhaps it’s the mystery of what once was, the story that each spot tells, or simply the fact that they create the perfect settings for haunting images.

From eerie abandoned churches to ghostly remains of an amusement park, here’s a look at some of the creepiest abandoned places we found on Instagram!

Asylum, Pennsylvania

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Classroom, Chernobyl

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Time has stood still for almost 30 years in this classroom as the people of Pripyat abandoned schools, homes, and factories following the 1986 explosion of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

Amusement Park, Japan

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Built in 1961, the Nara Dreamland amusement park in Japan was inspired by Disneyland in California. In 2006, the park closed permanently due to low visitor numbers leaving all the rides sitting empty ever since.

Mansion, Unknown

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Morgue, New York

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POW Camp, Bowmanville

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Designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 2013, Camp 30 was used as a POW camp for German soldiers during World War II. Today Camp 30 sits abandoned, scavenged and is a popular spot for skateboarders, stoners, and urban explorers alike.

Stadium, Michigan

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When the Silverdome opened in 1975, the stadium featured a unique fiberglass fabric roof held up by air pressure and was the primary home of the NFL’s Detroit Lions. In 2002, the Lions moved to the brand new Ford Field, leaving the Silverdome without a tenant and it’s roof permanently deflated ever since.

Staircase, Poland

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Church, Czech Republic

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In 1968, St. George’s church in the Czech Republic suffered a roof collapse during a funeral service. Believing this to be a sign of bad luck, locals abandoned the ‘cursed’ church and left it to deteriorate for over 40 years. However, in 2014, Czech artist Jakub Hadrava was commissioned to create an art installation in order to save the church. Hadrava created a spooky masterpiece using dozens of shrouded, ghost-like figures made of plaster which now attracts hundreds of tourists, keeping the church open.

Hotel, Italy

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