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Atriums date back to Roman times when they were common elements inside homes providing light and ventilation over central courts, hearths and main reception areas. Today, atriums are found in hotels, office buildings and shopping malls around the world and add a special architectural element to their interiors. Modern atriums are also several stories high, offering stunning visuals from below and dizzying perspectives from above.

Here’s a look at some of the most mesmerizing atriums we found on Instagram!

Holiday Inn, Singapore

Photo: yalinbuyukdora/Instagram

Fulton Centre, New York City

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Photo: ericmarkdo/Instagram

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Photo: mohmdmarafi/Instagram

Lloyds, London

Photo: machine_architect/Instagram

City Hall, Utrecht, Netherlands

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Photo: jel1000/Instagram

Sony Center, Potsdam, Germany

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Photo: nlsteven/Instagram

Coop’s Shot Tower Melbourne, Australia

Photo: jpbombales/Instagram

Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Atlanta

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Photo: kmeal_b/Instagram

Atrium on Bay, Toronto

A photo posted by Jordan Young (@jvstjordan) on

Photo: jvstjordan/Instagram

Marshall Field and Company Building, Chicago

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Photo: doobybrain/Instagram

Grand Hyatt Hotel, Pudong, China

A photo posted by Denys Nevozhai (@dnevozhai) on

Photo: dnevozhai/Instagram

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