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Following his defeat at the hands of Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party in yesterday’s Canadian federal election, former prime minister Stephen Harper has a lot to deal with.

While a period of thoughtful introspection — what else could we expect from a man so open, so candid, so emotive — is sure to ensue for the former Conservative Party leader, Harper’s got some more practical affairs to tend to in the meantime. Like, where’s he going to live now that the Trudeau family is once again moving into the prime-ministerial dwelling at 24 Sussex Drive?

Fortunately for Harper, finding new digs doesn’t have to mean a downgrading as Canadian heads of state are in a unique position among leaders of G7 nations: their official residence is kind of ramshackle.

Indeed, the shortcomings of 24 Sussex Drive have been widely reported. Cancer-causing asbestos insulation and a lack of central air conditioning are just some of the issues plaguing the historic home, completed in 1868.

With the roughly $4 million Harper earned during his nearly 10-year stint as prime minister, surely he can afford to throw his weight around in the Canadian real estate market. And we’re positive he has his own resources to aid him in his search (all that CSIS surveillance must’ve turned up a hot real estate lead or two, after all).

But as both Canada’s largest new construction home listing and an international housing news outlet, we here at BuzzBuzzHome think we have the wherewithal to help Harper out.

Since Harper will continue serving as an MP in Calgary, we’ve culled our own database and listings elsewhere to round up seven homes in and around that city that we think are befitting of Canada’s 22nd prime minister.

Kestrel Ridge Farm

Each year, the Stephen Harper would host a barbecue during the Calgary Stampede. They were no doubt good times for the former Tory head of state. Yes, flanked by hundreds of Conservative supporters, Calgary beef grilling over an open fire — good times for Harper. Well, at Kestrel Ridge Farm, every day can be the Calgary Stempede. Or something like it, anyways. Billed as an “equestrian estate,” the $30-million 160-acre property features a training boarding and facility and an 11,800-square-foot log home.

30209 Burma Road


Photo: realtor.ca

Harper is a man who likes his privacy, who does not suffer the prying eyes of the press easily. This $3.1 million home, then, which doesn’t even appear to be visible from its private front gate, is the perfect post-prime-ministerial retreat.

243059 Morning Vista Way


Photo: realtor.ca

Another gated home, what this $2.6 million Rockypoint house lacks in the privacy of the of 30209 Burma Road, it makes up for in accommodations and amenities. The five-bedroom home includes a butler’s bar, home theatre, and nanny suite. There’s also a yoga studio, and though Harper has likely never found himself in the lotus position, slap some soundproof material on the walls and he’s got a jam space for his band, Herringbone.

708 Madison Avenue Southwest

708-madison Photo: realtor.ca

Nearly a decade in office is sure to take its toll on even the hardiest of old stock Canadians. That said, this $3.29 million luxury home features a six-piece spa-like bathroom, the ideal spot from which Harper can rejuvenate himself. Unlike 24 Sussex Drive, this abode has central AC, too.

The Vistas of Tuscany by Albi Homes


If you’re Stephen Harper, maybe you don’t want to live in a home that a non-prime minister has resided in previously. That won’t be a problem at the lux Vistas of Tuscany development. With prices starting at $1,375,000, the new-build development features architectural styling and features, such as a wine cellar, that you might expect to find in a historic villa — without the markings of previous ownership.

84 Heritage Lake Drive


Photo: realtor.ca

Because whether you support environmentally conscious policies or not, everybody likes a lakeside view, such as the one this $2.5 million Heritage Pointe mansion affords.

The XII by Axiom Developers

XII penthouse
One gets used to a certain level of treatment as prime minister, certain luxuries. One does not simply park their car like the proletariat. Thankfully, residents will never have to experience the horrors of conventional parking garages at The XII: this condo, expected to be completed in 2017, features a fully automated parking system. And with units starting at $2,950,000, Harper will be able to keep in touch with his former key voting demographic.

15125 Big Hill Springs Road

15125 Big Hill Springs Road

Photo: realtor.ca

Carbon emissions were a political and environmental hot topic during Stephen Harper’s time as prime minister. Regardless of his legacy in this respect, he can do his part for the environment at this $2.5-million home in Rockypoint. In addition to its six bedrooms, two laundry rooms, and a double fireplace the home boasts an R-2000 energy efficiency certification.

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