The Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers face-off today at 4:07pm at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. It’s do-or-die for both teams as the Jays managed to even the series after falling behind 2-0 last Friday.

If you’re not decked out in blue already, we put together this decidedly real estate-focused comparison of the two teams’ hometowns — Toronto and Dallas — to get you into the competitive spirit. Enjoy!


Dallas: 1,197,816 (city) & 6,954,330 (metro)

Dallas Skyline compressed Photo: Daxis/Flickr

Toronto: 2,615,060 (city) & 5,583,064 (metro)

Toronto Skyline-compressed Photo: James Bombales

Coldest temperature ever recorded

Dallas: -8°F (-22°C)

Dallas Snow Photo: Robert W. Howington

Toronto: -24°F (-31°C)

Toronto_City_Cold1-compressed Photo: James Bombales

Number of new homes under construction

Dallas: 7,655 homes

bleuciel_balcony1 Image: Bleu Ciel by Harwood International

Toronto: 42,259 homes

Construction-compressed Photo: James Bombales

Most expensive new home on the market

Dallas: Lambert Masterpiece by J. Lambert Custom Homes, $2,999,990 USD


Toronto: MuseumHouse on Bloor by The Yorkville Corporation, $10.5 million CAD


Most expensive resale home on the market

Dallas: 10000 Hollow Way Road, North Central Dallas, $100,000,000 USD

Dallas most expensive resale Photo:

Dallas resale 2 Photo:

Dallas resale 3 Photo:

Toronto: 10 High Point Road, Bridle Path, $28,888,000 CAD

Toronto most expensive resale Photo:

Toronto most expensive resale 2 Photo:

Toronto most expensive resale 3 Photo:

Median sale price for a single-family detached home (September 2015)

Dallas Metro: $202,000

Dallas house-compressed Photo: Bonita de Boer

GTA: $819,853

Neighbourhood1-compressed Photo: James Bombales

Tallest existing all-residential building

Dallas: Republic Center, 36 stories and 602 feet (including spire)

800px-Republic_Tower_I Photo: Wikicommons

Toronto: Aura, 78 stories and 892 feet

Aura-compressed Photo: James Bombales

Tallest proposed skyscrapers

Dallas: Cadiz & Canton Towers I & II, both 80 stories

Dallas City Hall The proposed towers would be located on a plot of land near Dallas City Hall (pictured). Photo: Rex Brown/Flickr

Toronto: The One, 80 stories

The One Toronto

Baseball stadium capacity

Globe Life Park in Arlington (Rangers): 48,114

Globe Life Park Photo: HyunJae Park/Flickr

Rogers Centre (Blue Jays): 49,282

Rogers Centre compresed Photo: James Schwartz/Flickr

Number of World Series Championships won

Texas Rangers: 0

Toronto Blue Jays: 2

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