It doesn’t matter if it’s the season for leaf-raking, snow-shoveling or landscaping. An orderly garage should be a year-round life goal.

Put up pegboards and hang every piece of equipment and tool you own.

pegboard garage organization Photo: structuretech1

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You could also use PVC piping.

PVC pipe garage organization Photo: newlywoodwards

That will work for smaller storage solutions too.

pvc storage garage hack pvc garage storage Photos: familyhandymansamouczek

Keep loose screws, nails and drill bits together with a piece foam insulation.

styrofoam storage garage organizer Photo: ribalych

Or nail storage jars to the underside of a shelf.

screw storage garage hack Photo: chezlarsson

The how-to is here.

Try DIY ceiling storage.

ceiling storage garage organization Photo: familyhandyman

Instructions here.

Or if you have the floor space, a simple shelving unit will do.

garage storage shelf diy Photo: diydesignfanatic

Up-cycle crates as wall storage.

crate storage garage Photo: doubletheblessings

Hallway lockers = garage storage lockers.

garage lockers Photo: essthanperfectlifeofbliss

Build a space-saving fold down workbench.

fold down workbench garage organization Photos: imgur

This guy will show you how to do it.

Or if your tools are just for show, buy one.

fold down work bench Photo: benchsolution

Stack bikes.

stacked bike rack garage hack Photo: Reddit

Or hang them from the ceiling.

hanging bike rack Photo: Saris

Use a shoe organize to keep your paints in order.

shoe organizer garage storage Photo: hisugarplumsblog

Magnetic strips will keep your metal tools and tool accessories easily accessible.

magnetic strip garage hack Photos: Pinterest

Is tape your go-to fix? Build an industrial dispenser.

tape dispenser garage hack Photo: popularwoodworking

Put up some hooks, get a bench, lay down a carpet and bring the mudroom into the garage.

garage mudroom Photo: Pinterest

Use a slat wall to hang storage racks and bins.

slat wall garage storage Photo: houseandhome

Keep your garbage bags on a paper towel roll.

paper towel garbage bag roll garage storage Photo: Pinterest

Build yourself a screwdriver rack that doubles as a coat rack.

screw driver coat rack Photo: homemade-modern

Step-by-step guide here.

Secure your game balls with bungee cords.

ball storage garage hack Photo: designedtodwell

Then use a pallet to keep together the rest of your sports equipment.

pallet storage garage hack Photo: cleanandscentsible

And finally, a couple pieces of scrap wood is all you need to keep your lawn chairs out of the way during the cooler months.

lawn chair storage garage hack Photo: Pinterest

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