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On the evening of Thursday, September 3rd, the Seattle Design Commission gave unanimous approval to the city’s latest and updated plans for a new arena complex in the SoDo neighborhood.

King 5 reports the project will now be put into the hands of the Seattle Department of Transportation and city council. A decision from both groups may not come until early 2016. While we wait, here’s a look at what the SDT and council will debate and ultimately vote on…

The proposed site for the arena is 1700 1st Avenue South near the other city stadiums. St. Louis-based design firm HOK was chosen by Chris Hansen to design the project. While Hansen’s 2013 efforts to bring the Sacramento Kings to Seattle failed, he is still hoping to court a major league sports team to the arena.

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The $550 million project would be home to over 700,000 square feet of multi-purpose space, and, if Seattle gets its wish, an NBA team.

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The previous design review meeting took place in 2013, when the committee asked for the proposal to include more community features such as bike access and a bridge for pedestrians. In the most recent renderings, the Seattle Arena has included the suggestions and even added in more creative elements.

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Another design highlight of the proposal is the massive, re-purposed turbine on top of the building with Trespa wood panels that are meant to honor the neighborhood’s industrial setting.

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As with many upcoming Seattle projects, the proposal boasts sustainable efforts to counterbalance the amount of environmental waste that buildings create. The arena plans to incorporate Living Machine technologies and a series of rain gardens that would reduce onsite wastewater by 99 percent. Onsite wastewater or as it’s commonly referred to, sewage, would be treated and reused in non-drinking capacities in order to provide sustainable water solutions for the entire property.

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Many supporters are still crossing their fingers in hopes of a professional basketball or hockey team finding a home at the Seattle Arena. But if we build it, will they come?

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