Having enough storage at home is about making the best- and smartest- use of your available space. Consider what space you have at your disposal and try out these tips and tricks to re-organize or re-purpose.

Keep your valuables safe and clutter out of sight.

Install a series of covert drawers under your staircase.

secret storage stairsPhotos: Avar Furniture

A staircase is a great multi-purpose structure in your home. Not only does it provide a focal point in your décor, along with obvious utilitarian upstairs/downstairs functions, there is usually unused space within. Install pull-out drawers that stagger along the height of the staircase. These are perfect for shoes or other smaller items.

You could also cut a crawl space into the staircase.

stairs-trapdoorPhotos: Pinterest

Maybe you want to store something bigger? Make use of that empty space in the staircase by cutting out a crawl space. It’s easily accessible and has more room for something bulky.

Or better yet, build a secret storage room behind the staircase.

stairs-hidden-roomPhoto: Creative Home Engineering

And if you really want to maximize storage, have your staircase swing out to reveal a secret storage room behind it. Think of the possibilities there!

Turn your baseboards into base-drawers.

baseboard drawersPhotos: Pinterest

Baseboards make your décor cohesive, but with a clever hack, they can also provide other storage. You can install pull-out drawers that will easily house smaller items. This could be your kids’ craft cupboard, or somewhere to hide flat things like baking sheets or placemats.

DIY project you can replicate.

A partially raised room on a platform creates all kinds of hidden storage.

platform-storageplatform storage 4platform storagePhotos: studioata, Pinterest

Sometimes creating storage is as simple as moving your room up a level. By raising your kitchen, for example, you create several new storage opportunities, hidden within. And a platform bed can easily accommodate a trundle bed or more drawers for clothing. This is a smart way to make den or guest room multipurpose.

Need a beer fridge but don’t have the space? You do if you have a kitchen island.

kitchen island beer fridgePhoto: pix-hd

Kitchen islands are large and hollow, which means that there is ample room for storage. Make it sensible by tucking in a beer fridge, or if you need extra room for your produce or meat, it’s easily accessible in the island for prep.

How about a trapdoor wine cellar under the floor.

trapdoor wine cellarPhoto: signaturecellars

Need a velvety Merlot to go with dinner? Pop the hatch and wind your way down to your in-floor wine cellar. Keeping your bottles underground is good for the wine and having a clutter-free kitchen is good for you.

Yes please.

Get a full-length mirror on hinges and hide your jewelry behind it.

hinge mirrorPhoto: Pinterest

Trying to decide on what accessories complete your outfit? While looking in the mirror, you can reach easily for several options. Not only does this mean less steps to retrieve items, it will make your bedroom that much tidier.

Or you could simply fasten hinges to a picture frame or other wall-mounted item.

hinge-painting-storagePhotos: my23skidoo

Along the same vein, anything with a slim, hollow profile is ideal for storing anything and everything out of the way. Make the most of that storage with hooks, so that whatever you store inside is organized and easily accessible.

A DIY slide-out pantry is a surprising space-saving storage solution.

slide-out pantryPhoto: classy clutter

An organized pantry can make the difference between raving success or epic fail in the kitchen. Having all your go-to ingredients on a clean pull-out slider lets you get to your staples in a snap. As a bonus, having your pantry items organized like this is helpful in doing inventory before grocery shopping.

Build one yourself using this how-to guide.

And this wall outlet safe is smarter than any burglar.

wall outlet safePhoto: Amazon

Don’t leave cash or valuables lying around. And one place that would-be thieves won’t think to look is in your wall outlets. Your secret stash will be safe and secure.

And so is this secret compartment disguised as a shower tile.

hidden-bathroom-tile-storagePhoto: imgur

And just as sneaky is the shower tile that slides out. You can stash more valuables in there, or your favorite body wash so that your partner stops stealing it.

Keep your cat’s litter box out of sight in a small cupboard or end table.

hidden-litter-boxPhotos: moderncat

Use a piece of furniture to create a stylish commode for your kittycat. An end table or small cupboard is ideal. It’s even better if there are dividers, so you can keep supplies handy for your litterbox. And even better, it’s all hidden from plain view.

Exposed beams + wire racks = out-of-sight ceiling storage.

beam storagePhoto: Pinterest

Those beams in your basement or garage are just waiting to be used to store your goods. Use wire mesh shelves, or even make some out of wood. Use containers for things like seasonal décor or extra clothes. In the garage, use the shelves to store bigger items. There might even be room to park your car inside now!

Your cluttered kitchen needs a dining nook with covert cupboards.

dining nook storagePhoto: Pinterest

Built-in banquettes in the kitchen are great space savers, but are even better when they are fashioned to house more storage. Installing a hatch door that can pull out means you’ve got an easily accessible spot for extra dishes and glasses when you are setting the table.

Turn your bed frame into a clothes closet.

storage bedframePhoto: Pinterest

Small bedroom? No closet? Never fear. If you have a bedframe, then you’ve got a closet. Depending on the size of your bedframe, tuck in a small dresser or two to stash your clothes. You can also install small shelves.

Store cable boxes and video game consoles behind a hinged-TV wall mount.

secret-tv-storagePhoto: capa.me

Cable boxes and gaming systems are likely an integral part of your entertainment system, but they are clunky and unsightly. You can easily tuck them away by creating a niche in the wall behind the TV and placing that section of the wall on hinges. Up and out and game away!

Hide away computer accessories by strapping them to a pegboard underneath the desk.

pegboard-computer-desk-DIYPhotos: Decluttered

Cords are a necessarily evil when it comes to your tech, but when they are snaking across your desk and floor, they are an eyesore. Keep them out of reach and out of sight by installing a pegboard under your desk, where you can place them neatly.

And finally, stair drawers!

stairs drawersPhoto: Pinterest

If you live in a multi-level house, then you’ve got multi-level storage. Make use of all of your staircases to the fullest by installing pull-outs right in the steps. These shallow drawers are perfect for smaller, flat items like shoes, or pocket umbrellas and hats.

Learn how to build them here.

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