Keep your valuables safe and clutter out of sight.

Install a series of covert drawers under your staircase.

secret storage stairs Photos: Avar Furniture

You could also cut a crawl space into the staircase.

stairs-trapdoor Photos: Pinterest

Or better yet, build a secret storage room behind the staircase.

stairs-hidden-room Photo: Creative Home Engineering

Turn your baseboards into base-drawers.

baseboard drawers Photos: Pinterest

DIY project you can replicate.

A partially raised room on a platform creates all kinds of hidden storage.

platform-storage platform storage 4 platform storage Photos: studioata, Pinterest

Need a beer fridge but don’t have the space? You do if you have a kitchen island.

kitchen island beer fridge Photo: pix-hd

How about a trapdoor wine cellar under the floor.

trapdoor wine cellar Photo: signaturecellars

Yes please.

Get a full-length mirror on hinges and hide your jewelry behind it.

hinge mirror Photo: Pinterest

Or you could simply fasten hinges to a picture frame or other wall-mounted item.

hinge-painting-storage Photos: my23skidoo

A DIY slide-out pantry is a surprising space-saving storage solution.

slide-out pantry Photo: classy clutter

Build one yourself using this how-to guide.

And this wall outlet safe is smarter than any burglar.

wall outlet safe Photo: Amazon

And so is this secret compartment disguised as a shower tile.

hidden-bathroom-tile-storage Photo: imgur

Keep your cat’s litter box out of sight in a small cupboard or end table.

hidden-litter-box Photos: moderncat

Exposed beams + wire racks = out-of-sight ceiling storage.

beam storage Photo: Pinterest

Your cluttered kitchen needs a dining nook with covert cupboards.

dining nook storage Photo: Pinterest

Turn your bed frame into a clothes closet.

storage bedframe Photo: Pinterest

Store cable boxes and video game consoles behind a hinged-TV wall mount.

secret-tv-storage Photo:

Hide away computer accessories by strapping them to a pegboard underneath the desk.

pegboard-computer-desk-DIY Photos: Decluttered

And finally, stair drawers!

stairs drawers Photo: Pinterest

Learn how to build them here.

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