Looking to turn your regular house into a literal fun house? You need…

An indoor climbing wall.

indoor climbing wall Photo: Feldman Architecture

A slumber party pillow room.

pillow room playfun home designs Photo: imgur

A swing in front of the TV.

indoor swing Photo: accrocherunetoile/blogspot

And a trapeze in the living room.

indoor trapeze Photo: imgur

You have insurance, yes?

Trampoline flooring.

trampoline floor Photo: Pinterest

A ladder that leads to a secret room.

secret ladder room Photo: fazook

A slide to go with the staircase.

staircase slide Photo: Michaelis Boyd

And another one in the library.

library slide Photo: Moon Hoon

A pirate-themed playroom.

pirate bedroom Photo: Kuhl Design + Build

Hammock beds.

hammock bed Photo: Deepnot

And hammock floors.

hammock floors Photo: Ruetemple

A 1980s arcade rec room.

arcade rec room Photo: Kotaku/Twitter

A room divider made from over-size Lego blocks.

lego room divider Photo: EverBlock

And a Lego wall.

lego wall Photo: imgur

A nautical-theme rope banister.

rope banister Photos: Pinterest

A dining room swing set.

dining room swing set Photo: Duffy London

Or a seesaw table.

seesaw table Photo: Marleen Jansen

A secret games room behind a games shelf.

hidden-games-room Photos: Witt Construction

A theater room with a walk-in wine closet.

theater room and wine closet Photo: RedFin

And a swim-up bar in the pool.

swim up pool bar Photo: bravacasa

Which also has a climbing wall.

pool climbing wall Photo: AquaClimb

Heat-sensitive tiles in the shower.

heat-sensitive-shower-tiles Photo: imgur

3D flooring in the bedroom.

3d flooring Photo: Imperial Interiors

A wardrobe that leads to Narnia.

narnia-secret-room Photos: Reddit

A glow-in-the-dark wall mural.

glow-in-the-dark-wall Photos: Bogi Fabian

A luxury tree house in the backyard.

luxury tree house Photo: imgur

Chalkboard surfaces everywhere.

chalkboard surfaces Photos: myhomerocksPinterest

Express yourself!

A ping pong door.

ping pong door Photos: Tobias Fränzel Design/Facebook

And a Scrabble wall.

scrabble wall Photo: hammacher

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