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UPDATE August 31st: The City Beach NYC team responded via email to our inquiry on the status of the plan and stated that it “is still currently in development.”

Original story: Considering Manhattan is totally surrounded by water, it seems counterintuitive that New Yorkers aren’t enjoying regular beach days. But all that could change with the creation of City Beach NYC, a proposed floating beach park on a river barge in Manhattan’s Hudson River.

Unfortunately, no update has been made on this project since 2014 when it raised $11,896 via indiegogo, short of its fundraising goal of $35,000. Unlike Kickstarter, Indiegogo allows its users to claim a portion of the funds raised through their campaigns even when they don’t reach their goal.

That money was to go toward completing what the Indiegogo campaign page describes as the first phase of the project — hiring the team required to make the project a reality. It’s unclear whether the team abandoned the project altogether after missing the fundraising target.

At any rate, the purchase of the barge itself would likely cost $1.4 million, so there would still be a long way to go.

The last update from the project’s Twitter account — a retweet about the High Line’s expansion — was in September 2014. BuzzBuzzHome has reached out to, but has yet to receive a response. 

City Beach NYC was (is?) the brainchild of Blayne Ross, a development entrepreneur who has supervised and renovated over 50,000 square feet of luxury residential and commercial space in NYC.

He created the concept along with his colleagues at architecture firm workshop/apd and Craft Engineering Studio. The team hoped to create a relaxing, eco-friendly hangout spot for New Yorkers.

The ends of the structure would be elevated nearly 16 feet, forming a natural amphitheater. They would be able to provide shops and services underneath the beach without obstructing the amazing views. The team affectionately referred to the shape as the “potato chip.”

Ross shared an optimistic message in his Indiegogo campaign.

“New Yorkers like a challenge, so I’m putting it out there, ANYTHING is possible,” he wrote.

Check out the project’s introductory video below:

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