shippingcontainerapartments Rendering: CRG Architects

As urban centres around the world look for clever solutions to meet demand for affordable housing, interest in repurposing old shipping containers into livable spaces has been building.

Now, a new proposal from a global architecture firm is taking that idea to a whole new level – literally.

CRG Architects has won third prize in a design competition hosted by SuperSkyScrapers for their towering shipping-container skyscraper concept — or “containscraper,” as the firm calls it.

The goal of their proposal is to create temporary, safe housing for people living in one of the biggest slums on earth: Dharavi in Mumbai, India. To this end, the Teel City development CRG has outlined includes two variegated, super-tall structures made mostly out of Crayola-bright shipping containers.

shippingcontainerapartments2 Rendering: CRG Architects

About 3,000 containers would be stacked to construct tower one, bringing its height to an impressive 1,312 feet spread over 139 floors. A more modest 656-foot second tower comprised of about 1,000 containers would max out at 78 floors.

While putting roofs over people’s heads is the plan’s main focus, it isn’t exclusively utilitarian. “To have the maximum direction of views we decided to use a cylinder shape for the base of the towers, taking advantage of the great views around,” says CRG in a statement highlighting another of the project’s selling points.

Meanwhile, the unique spacing of the individual containers, which gives the building the appearance of a giant technicolour game of Jenga, has been implemented to allow units to cool off more easily. Given the extreme temperatures Mumbai experiences in the summer, that’s no small consideration.

shippingcontainerapartments3 Rendering: CRG Architects

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