Here you go, dweebs, some decor ideas for your Hobbit hole.

This truly wonderful child’s bedroom.

star wars room 1 Photo: imgur

This magical wardrobe that leads to Narnia.

narnia-secret-room Photos: Reddit

This Minecraft dining room.

minecraft dining room Photo: Pinterest

These Pac-Man bookshelves.

pac-man bookshelf Photos: Ginepro, Etsy

This 1980s arcade rec room.

arcade room Photo: Kotaku/Twitter

This living room that’s fit for a Hobbit.

hobbit house Photo: Archer & Buchanan Architecture

Part of an entire Lord of the Rings-themed guest house in Chester County, Pennsylvanian. More pics and info here.

This Millennium Falcon bed frame.

star wars bed Photo: imgur

This floppy disk coffee table.

floppy disk coffee table Photo: Pinterest

This Star Trek transporter bath set.

star trek shower curtain bath mat Photo: thinkgeek

This 3D floor.

3d-bathroom-floor Photo: Pinterest

This home theater modeled after the bridge of the starship Enterprise.

star trek home theater Photo: Douglas Elliman Real Estate

And this bar inspired by the Ten Forward lounge.

star trek home bar Photos: Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Both Star Trek-themed rooms are part of internet mogul and former FriendFinder CEO Marc Bell $35 million Florida mansion.

This Harry Potter parlor.

harry potter room Photo: imgur

This drawbridge Murphy bed.

castle-murphy-bed Photos: Etsy

Yours for only $3,500.

This Star Wars opening crawl staircase.

star wars staircase Photo: imgur

And this bookcase staircase.

book staircase Photo: iwastesomuchtime

This spaceship attic decked out in 90s computers and video game accessories.

spaceship attic Photos: rightmove

Part of a 7,000-square-foot character house in southeast London that’s currently on the market for $5.9 million USD.

This Tetris stained glass window.

Tetris window Photo: oddman

This movie screening room inspired by Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

home-theater1 Photo: imgur

Twenty thousand leagues of awesome.

This Space Invaders ensuite.

space invader bathroom Photo: onebynine

Or this Super Mario Bros. bathroom.

super mario bros bathroom Photo: Pinterest

This basement re-imagined as the USS Enterprise from the original Star Trek series.

star-trek-basement star-trek-basement 2 Photos: Line Rainville

Canadian Star Trek fan Line Rainville spent $30,000 on this totally nerdy and awesome renovation.

This lego wall.

lego-wall-dream-home Photo: imgur

And this Lego banister.

lego banister Photo: homedsgn

This cosmos living room mural.

cosmos wall mural Photo: GadgetFlow

And finally, this spectacular Star Wars nursery.

star wars wall mural Photo: imgur

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