United States of Emoji Photo: SwiftKey

We all have our favorite emoji, whether it’s the top hat, dancing lady, rainbow or eggplant. But do you ever wonder if each state has a preference?

SwiftKey, a London-based mobile technology company, has developed “The United States of Emoji,” an interactive state-by-state map that shows the most-used emoji for each state.

Users can discover the most frequently used emojis, least frequently used emojis, and emojis that generally dip above or below national averages.

Notable emoji are New York’s favorite (Lady Liberty) and Maryland’s favorite (pants?). Louisiana favors the skull and Texas can’t get enough of grapes.

SwiftKey clarifies that the report does not represent the absolute frequency of emoji used in each state. The data represents the average usage as well as a weighted average. These two factors were combined to come up with one signature emoji for each state without repeats.

Founded in London in 2008, SwiftKey builds technology that makes it easy for users to create and communicate on mobile. They are best known for smart SwiftKey Keyboard apps which learn from your habits to make typing on touchscreens faster and easier.

New York Emoji

California emoji

Texas emoji

Check out the United States of Emoji here and tweet us your favorite at @bbhnyc.

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