Children and fools tell the truth. Also, realtors on occasion.

After being dealt a bad hand, this homeowner lays his cards on the table.

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Free pets with the purchase of a house? Not a bad incentive.

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Reverse gentrification.

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Still sort of hard to trust a brokerage who can’t spell “shitholes.”

Dying to sell. GET IT???!

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Those seem like pretty good odds.

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At least she got the house.

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Selling to a niche market.

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Good fences make good neighbors, thankfully.

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Tellin’ it like it is.

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There’s an agent for everybody.

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Not desperate.

Honest real estate sign 2 Photo: Pinterest

Totally desperate.

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Here too.

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A cheeky billboard in Las Vegas.

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How about a building that’s safe 96 percent of the time?

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This annotated realtor testimonial is everything.

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An ad designed to temper expectations.

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Great views!

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