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Building a sustainable, eco-friendly home isn’t always easy — or affordable — but the light seems to be dawning on the solar power industry. Project Sunroof, a new initiative from Google Maps, is seeking to make the installation of solar panels easy and accessible for everyone.

As new technologies develop, solar panels are becoming more affordable and customizable. Now, Google is putting its massive stores of data to good use to help people install solar panels in their own homes.

The project works by combining your address with other databases to come up with a solar paneled roof tailored to your home. It factors in the shape of your current roof, the amount of sunlight that hits it, the climate and more to create the ideal system.

All it takes is a simple search for your address on the Project Sunroof webpage and you can find out how many hours of sunlight you get a year and how much square footage of space you have available for solar panels. Google takes users through the process of installation from start to finish, helping to calculate how much you can save on solar panels using its extensive data on rebates, tax credits and solar power industry pricing data.

According to a CityLab article, the project began when a group of engineers from Google realized how many people were using the tech giant to find out more about solar powered technology. They saw the need for a comprehensive system to help the average person turn their solar powered dreams into a reality.

The Project Sunroof team is currently spread across the US, with offices in Fresno, Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area, but anyone can sign up to find out more. The project hasn’t reached the rest of the world yet, but knowing Google, it won’t take long for it to spread.

The engineers created a short introductory video to explain the new tool. Check it out below:

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