For brothers Tariq and Saud Adi, building communities doesn’t just mean constructing and selling buildings, but creating lifestyles and value for homeowners through great design. The two founded ADI Development Group in 2007 in hopes of bringing a fresh design aesthetic to the residential market, and after selling out at their first community in 2012, the company has become a major player in Burlington’s burgeoning development scene.

Tariq Adi, the company’s CEO, discusses more of ADI’s vision and unique approach to building communities in the website’s new video blog.

“We wanted to create a lifestyle for people to live and we wanted to achieve that by building the exceptional and building great buildings with great interiors and hire the best designers that do the best work,” said Tariq.

“At the end of the day, the homeowner is the king. We truly believe in giving them value so they can come back and hopefully buy again.”

Tariq also mentions the importance of architectural design in creating landmarks that are built to last both structurally and aesthetically.


“Architecture is one of our top priorities and great design and great quality on top of that,” said Tariq. “We want to build something that’s going to last for the next 30 to 40 years where people point at it and say wow, that’s a great looking building.”

Today, Adi continues to deliver on their vision for outstanding design in their latest projects including The Mod’rn Condominiums, now completed and nearly sold out. Their other project, Link2 Condos + Lofts, is scheduled to break ground later this month making now the perfect time to secure pre-construction pricing. Both developments are shining examples of Adi’s commitment to great design, quality and value.


The suites in both projects offer functional and open concept living spaces thanks to the developer’s signature IntelliSpace philosophy which maximizes every square inch and allows for an abundance of natural light.

“It creates bigger spaces that flow naturally, allow more sunlight in the suites, lives better, feels better, and breathes better,” said Tariq. “Once you go into one of our suites, you’ll really feel the difference.”

To see the Adi’s design philosophy first-hand, be sure to visit the Mod’rn Condos presentation centre located on-site at 1284 Guelph Line, or Link2 Condos + Lofts at 5210 Dundas Street West. Both presentation centres are open Monday to Wednesday from 2pm to 7pm, Thursday and Friday by appointment and weekends from 12pm to 5pm.

For more information on Mod’rn Condos call 905 592 2144 or email For more information on Link2 Condos + Lofts call 905 592 2028, or email

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