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The famous Gaslight Inn on Capitol Hill is seeking recognition from Seattle’s Landmarks Preservation Board to become a historical landmark. Capitol Hill Seattle reported the beloved bed and breakfast was being considered for landmark status at a recent public hearing. The votes were overwhelmingly positive, pushing the nomination forward to a final October decision.

The Gaslight Inn was originally owned and built by Seattle businessman and philanthropist Paul Singerman, who purchased the land in 1903 for $2,100. At the time, the residence was home to Singerman and his family until he sold the property in 1907.

Eighty years and multiple owners later, the 15th Avenue home was bought by Stephen Bennett who spent the next three decades updating the 111-year-old home to pristine, original conditions thus signaling a push for preservation. During the 1980s AIDS crisis, Bennett offered the home up as a safe space to members of the LGBTQ community who were often times turned away from other establishments.

Preservation advocate and one time Gaslight Inn employee John Fox told Capitol Hill Seattle: “We remember a time when you weren’t necessarily welcomed everywhere and this was our way of making something nice in our neighborhood.” On Capitol Hill, that something nice is the Gaslight Inn.

To read the full details of the nomination along with a fascinating overview of the neighborhood, check out the report from the official process. Seattle Landmark Preservation Board will meet again on October 7th to consider and perhaps approve the nomination.

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