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In a press conference on Tuesday, the estate of local Seattle legend Edith Macefield announced that Orcas Island non-profit, OPAL Community Land Trust, will try to raise funds to preserve and relocate her Ballard home.

The non-profit, which specializes in providing long-term, sustainable housing for residents by bringing homes to the island, plans to relocate the house to Orcas Island, renovate it and offer the space to a family in need of housing.

OPAL Community Land Trust is aiming to raise $205,000 through a campaign on Kickstarter to cover the relocation cost. At press time the campaign has 50 backers and has raised nearly $8,000.

As the story goes, Macefield, a vehement opponent of the commercialization of her neighborhood, reportedly refused to sell the Ballard home even after being offered $1 million. A mall was built around her property on Northwest 46th Street and the home is now surrounded by a much larger commercial space.

When Macefield passed away in 2008, she left the management of the property to friend and construction project manager, Barry Martin. The home has since garnered even more publicity as Martin put it up for sale and it was purchased shortly after by Greg Pinneo. Uncertainty over the home’s future persisted when Pinneo defaulted on his loans and the home went into foreclosure. In June, it was reported that the home’s new owners planned on demolishing it before OPAL Land Trust stepped in.

The 115-year-old home is rumored to have inspired the house from Disney Pixar’s film Up and, since the news broke of the possible demolition, local residents have started attaching balloons to the now iconic fence surrounding the house. Each balloon features handwritten messages from those supporting her legacy. Known to be a bit of a rebel, Macefield even has an annual Ballard music festival dedicated to her.

Check out the Kickstarter page here.

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