Columbia Center Photo: Jeff Wilcox/Flickr

The Columbia Center, Seattle’s tallest skyscraper, was recently purchased by Gaw Capital Partners, a Hong Kong-based equity management firm, for a cool $711 million.

According to the Seattle Times, this is one the region’s most expensive real estate transaction ever and the priciest since 2012. Hong Kong based equity management firm, Gaw Capital Partners, purchased the 76 story Seattle icon.

At 76 stories the iconic Seattle tower is the Northwest’s tallest building. Unsurprisingly, it boasts some pretty spectacular views. Check out the photos below to see what a $711 million view actually looks like.

View from Columbia Observation Deck

Observation Deck Photo: Nicola/Flickr

Space Needle facing view

Space Needle Photo: Matthewjs007/Flickr

South views of Seattle

South Seattle Photo: Andrew E. Larsen/Flickr

Traffic on I-5 from the Columbia Tower Observation Deck

I-5 Photo: Dmitry Alexeenko/Flickr

The epic view from the women’s bathroom

Women's Bathroom Photo: Demi Wetzel

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