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In 2013, Seattle land developer, Urban Visions, announced its plan to erect what would be the tallest skyscraper in the city at 888 Second Avenue.

Now it appears that the developer’s ambitious plan for a 77-story skyscraper for the site has been pared down.

Urban Visions recently announced that it now plans on building an 888-foot, 60 story tower at the same location. While it won’t claim the title of Seattle’s tallest, the building will ultimately become the second tallest structure in the city — overtaking 1201 Third Avenue. At 967 feet, Columbia Center will still hold the title of Seattle’s tallest skyscraper.

The reason for the roll back in the proposed height? Urban Visions CEO Greg Smith told the Puget Sound Business Journal that the shorter design will have larger, more efficient floor plates than competing high-rises and that the 77-story height had been “kind of speculative.”

Dubbed an “anti-high-rise high rise” by Urban Visions team, the skyscraper would distinguish itself from other office towers in the area by providing a lifted story to allow pedestrians to walk beneath the building. At the center of 888 Second Avenue, an open air space would offer views inside the building that ultimately give way to the sky.

The current plan for the mixed-use building also includes a provision to preserve the iconic Metropolitan Grill restaurant which is located in the block and space for 160 residential units in the top floors.

Urban Visions’ Smith has stated the $700 million project has yet to apply to the City for permits and that funding is not secured. However, Urban Visions already own the land, which will allow for more time dedicated to the design phase.

The group is currently in talks with possible tenants for the building.

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