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What Americans call home sure has changed a lot in the past 400 years, and in a single glance this Pop Chart Lab infographic shows just how much.

The illustrated chart begins with boxy post-medieval English abodes from the 1600s and goes right up to the contemporary McMansions straight out of a suburb near you. In doing so, it traces the lineage of the country’s architectural heritage, one design at a time.

More than a hundred era-specific designs are featured on a single page, leading to some interesting juxtaposition: a pod-like pre-World War 2 trailer sits atop a nineteenth-century classical Italiante townhouse, and colourful modern dwellings can be seen below more traditional ranch homes.

There are relative anomalies, too. A lopsided deconstructivist home seems out of place right above a symmetrical mansard.

As varied as the designs are, the Architecture of American Houses chart breaks dozens of housing types down into seven basic categories: colonial, folk/vernacular, romantic, Victorian, eclectic, modern, neo-eclectic.

Look at it long enough, and you’ll be identifying all the houses in your neighbourhood.

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