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When planning a Friday night with friends, one of you is bound to suggest (gasp!) travelling to another borough. “No, that’s too far!” will be the inevitable complaint. “Is that even in the same state?”

Luckily, Transit Time NYC reveals the door-to-door travel time to different locales all over the city with surprising accuracy. It even factors in Staten Island Railway, though ferries, buses and bikes are not included yet.

All you have to do is enter your starting address and the algorithm will predict which subway lines you’ll use. The result is a color-coded map of the boroughs, each color corresponding with a different travel time ranging from 10 to over 120 minutes.

The results can be quite surprising. If your starting location is West 93rd and Broadway, it’s actually faster to travel to 42nd street than 59th street because you can take the express train. Prospect Heights and Dithers Boulevard each only take about 40 minutes by train, and it appears to be faster to get to Elmhurst, Queens than 86th and York in Manhattan.

So next time you’re fighting with your friends to figure where to go on a Friday night, use Travel Time to settle the debate. You might decide to venture out of Manhattan — or just stay home and watch Netflix.

Transit Time NYC was developed by WNYC, New York’s flagship public radio station. The four million calculations needed to create the map took four extra-large Amazon Elastic Compute Clouds less than a week to complete.

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