The fight between car-hailing app Uber and the New York City Government is intensifying. With the City Council set to vote on Uber growth caps in the coming week, Uber has released a video denouncing the City’s plans.

The video, titled “Mayor de Blasio’s proposal will destroy 10,000 jobs,” features real-life Uber drivers explaining how their lives have improved by the opportunity to drive for the  service.

One driver explains how Uber has lifted some New Yorkers out of poverty.

“I was pretty much just struggling to make ends meet. When I finally came to Uber, it was probably the best things that’s happened in my life. It’s been a blessing,” he said.

Another driver echoes his sentiment.

“We don’t just pick others up. We pick ourselves up. We pick our families up.”

One driver alleges that de Blasio is only interested in tax money. He’s referring to lobbying from established yellow cab and limousine services against Uber, as well as the possibility of more City tax on Uber.

The crux of the video is that New Yorkers will be losing valuable job opportunities if the government restricts Uber’s expansion.

“If Uber continues to grow, there will be more jobs across the five boroughs,” another driver said.

Critics of Uber say that the company has an unfair advantage over officially-licensed yellow cab drivers because the company treats its employees as freelancers. Others counter that because each Uber driver receives a rating, consumers get a higher quality experience.

The City’s active criticism of Uber is that the influx of drivers is clogging city streets with traffic. According to CNN Money, the Mayor says that 2,000 new Uber cars are coming to NYC each month.

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