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We’ve heard time and time again that disposing of garbage into the ocean is terrible for the earth. The waters around New York City are particularly threatened by increasing amounts of waste, so how could it be good to throw entire subway trains in them?

ZME Science reports in a new feature called “How NYC Subway trains are thrown in the ocean – and why that’s a good thing” that over 2,500 New York subway cars have made their way into the sea. They have been used to develop an underwater reef for crustaceans and fish in the Atlantic.

Lucky for the public, stunning images showing the cars being dumped into the ocean have been captured by photographer Stephen Mallon of the Front Room Gallery. Once underwater, fish and other ocean dwellers start to build upon the structures to create new homes.

Before this happens, cars are stripped of materials that may be recycled for other purposes such as wheels and electronics. The cars are also cleaned as part of the prep.

In 10 years, the cars become unrecognizable — they seem to completely blend into the ecosystem.

Count this as a small win for conservation. ZME Science explains that the threat of pollution to our oceans is at dangerous levels, noting that there are “over 5 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean, some other trillion pieces are trapped in the Arctic ice, ocean sediments are basically a cemetery for plastic and there’s a garbage island twice as big as France in the Pacific Ocean!”

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