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Not sure if a sub-200-square-foot apartment would fit your lifestyle? Before you give away all your furniture and move into a walk-in closet, consider booking a stay with Getaway, a new start up from Harvard’s Innovation Lab that rents out micro-cottages for a night or weekend.

The idea behind the initiative is to make micro-living accessible to people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to a tiny house.

“The trend of living tiny includes smaller houses, but it also means a simpler life, being friendlier to the environment, financial security, self-sufficiency, and lots of adventure,” the company explains on their website. “Here at Getaway, we are proud to be helping build the tiny house movement with our tiny mobile cabins.”

Currently there is just one cabin available for booking — although reservations are being accepted for a second — in a wooded area two hours north of Boston. While only 160 square feet, the unit sleeps up to four people and is completely off the grid, with solar power and composting toilets. It can be set up in less than an hour and is easily transported behind a vehicle.

The design comes from students of Harvard’s Graduate School of Design who wanted to create something that was both simple and practical.

“Part of what you see sometimes with tiny houses and micro apartments is you get all this Rube Goldberg-y, whiz-bang design — beds that come out of dresser drawers and out of the ceiling and all kinds of crazy stuff,” Getaway CEO Jon Staff told Fast Company. “We avoided all of that. Because the best way to design in a tiny house, we think, is to realize it’s small and make the most use of the space you have.”

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For space to house the tiny houses, Getaway is turning to local landowners interested in making some extra money. The company says a landowner can make $5,000 a year leasing part of their property, the only requirements are that area is quiet, private and two hour or less from a major city. So yes indeed, it looks like Getaway has plans to expand the program beyond the Massachusetts forest.

For the tiny house vacationers, a one night stay for two guests starts at $100. There is a $10 fee for each subsequent guest (up to four) and a $15 pet fee should someone wish to bring along their miniature poodle on their miniature vacation in a miniature home.

For more, check out the Fast Company article here.

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