The concept of the man cave brings to mind images of plaid and the smell of stale beer — not exactly the most desirable, or feminine, household features.

Now, ABC13 Eyewitness News in Houston reports that there is a new wave of private home retreats geared towards women called she sheds.

Reporter Ilona Carson explored one woman’s she shed, which consists of a repurposed playhouse in the backyard of her home. Tamara Harbert’s wee haven is decked out with air conditioning and a ceiling fan, providing comfort that allows her to “shed her stress” year-round. She uses the space to either get creative or simply relax.

“It’s being away, without being away, which I love,” said Harbert. “I read in there, I do paint in there, now I’m doing some collages. I love color. I love eclectic things. I love antiques.”

Harbert explained that she enjoys spending time in the shed rather than the house because it removes her from all of her everyday tasks and duties.

“I can sit and read in my house. But I’m also looking around thinking to wash the windows. I need to do the laundry. Look at that dust over there. I’m in here I’m not thinking that,” Harbert said.

Harbert and her husband worked on the retreat for nine months and hope to adapt it back into a playhouse when their grandchildren grow up.

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