Twitter Proposed Sky Bridge Twitter Sky Bridge Rendering: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Employees at Twitter headquarters may not have to step out into air should a proposed pedestrian sky-bridge be approved, linking their adjacent buildings on 1355 Market and 875 Stevenson (aka Market Square). Twitter occupies both buildings in the Mid-Market area of San Francisco.

Twitter’s headquarters at 1355 Market Street (historically known as Western Furniture Exchange & Merchandise Mart) was built in 1937. The building has undergone major interior and exterior improvements over the years, including installation and removal of a former bridge that connected 1355 Market to One 10th. Because of its historic status, this project has gone through several phases of approval through the city’s Historic Preservation Commission and Preservation Staff and has maintained much of its original character.

The sky-bridge proposal submitted by Shorenstein, the property owner is scheduled for the August 6th Planning Commission agenda. The application includes renderings of the three-dimensional contemporary sky-bridge.

According to the staff analysis, the bridge is distinguished as a secondary addition to the historic building. The architectural design features overlapping glass shingle treatments, aluminum frame, with an aluminum-painted clad underside arranged similarly to the glass shingled treatment. Planning staff recommends a few design alterations to ensure the bridge appears “three-dimensional and dynamic.”

The bridge will connect the common areas of the ninth floor of each building over the public plaza. Since the buildings’ floors aren’t exactly aligned, the bridge will slope down towards 875 Stevenson. The top of the bridge will slope up from 1355 Market increasing to two stories to the ceiling of the 10th floor at 875 Stevenson and will include an interior overlook from the 10th floor.

Market Square has ground floor retail, including a large contemporary market (known as The Market on Market) with a mix of eateries including a wine bar and oyster bar. The public has ample opportunity to walk around the public space of the Twitter campus and in the future may see the employees tweeting crossing the sky-bridge.

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