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To many Seattleites, micro housing is nothing new. Currently, Seattle is one of the top cities for micro housing options. And in a city where $1,200 studios are considered a deal, micro housing has become the perfect option for many in search of a home.

Parkstone Properties is set to introduce one of the newest additions to the micro-housing movement in North Seattle. Construction on a four-story building at 1008 North 109th Street is expected to begin in early 2016, according to the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce. The location is one mile from Northgate Mall, numerous bus lines and a future light rail station.

The Parkstone project will offer 93 studios ranging from 225 to 300 square feet of space. Unlike most micro-spaces, the units will have their own kitchens, which offers a unique perk when compared to similar housing types in the city. Many micro-apartments allow renters to have private space for sleeping and bathing while the kitchen is typically considered a community space.

Another interesting twist on a not-so-new concept will be the modular design Parkstone will incorporate into the project. The first floor of the North Seattle building will be constructed on site but the remaining floors will be created off-site then lowered in by a crane. The building will also be Built Green 4 Star Certified, which only adds to idea of minimal impact living.

The Daily Journal of Commerce reports that Parkstone Properties has two other micro projects planned, one 41-unit development at 714 North 95th Street and one 48-unit building at 3519 Fremont Place North.

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