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Property values vary widely across the United States. In fact, BuzzBuzzHome recently reported on a study showing that Upper East Side property is more valuable than property in some entire states.

The study was performed by Max Galka of Metrocosm, a website with a series of projects that explore various issues through data and statistics. Galka recently took another in-depth look at US property value data. This time, he compared US counties — and it should come as no surprise that the values are quite disparate.

He created an animated GIF to shed some light on the small size of the areas with the highest property values. The GIF is a map which alternates between showing the highest valued areas in disproportionate and proportionate views.

“I took the total residential property value for every county in the US (the contiguous 48 states), and substituted those values for each county’s land area,” Galka said. “Aside from the Northeast, property value in the US is concentrated in a relatively small number of areas.”

The type of map Galka created is called a cartogram, in which each area is substituted for a different variable — in this case it’s property values. He writes that they’re not commonly used because making each area to scale and correctly shaped can be cumbersome and time-consuming.


Max Galka cofounded the real estate data business Revaluate. He has also used data to model natural disasters, mortgage prepayments, and human life expectancy. His work appears on Metrocosm, a collection of projects that analyze life through statistics and data.

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